Washing and care instructions


Cared for correctly, down coats and bedding retain their properties and withstand use and even hard wear, wash after wash.

All Joutsen products are machine-washable. Each product comes with detailed washing instructions; washing according to these instructions does not harm the down filling – rather, it restores the lightness and sponginess. By following the care instructions, the long life of down products can be ensured.

Care instructions Coats (PDF)
Care instructions Duvets and Pillows (PDF)
Care instructions Top Mattresses (PDF)

Familiarise yourself with the care instructions for Joutsen down products and enjoy the softness and unique properties of down year after year.

Joutsen Finland Oy has its own washing and repair service for Joutsen down products at the company’s factory in Riihimäki. We are happy to maintain both new and old Joutsen down duvets, pillows, coats and sleeping bags.

Price lists for the washing and repair services are available in the links below. For further information about our maintenance services, please call on +358 20 749 5200 or send an e-mail to info@joutsen.com