In the past and today

Joutsen Finland Oy was founded in Helsinki in 1936 as Oy Suomen Höyhen Ab. The Danish-born founder of the company, Marius Pedersen, came up with the business idea as he watched his Finnish wife Saima washing feathers in a sauna. He established the company as a hobby, alongside his paid job as director of the Finnish State Margarine Factory. Even back then, he realised that expertise, quality, and excellent customer service would be the supporting pillars of the company. A swan (Joutsen in Finnish), the emblem of purity, was chosen as the trademark for the down products, to symbolise their unique purity. The company provided work for Marius’ family, and the company and its traditions were left for future generations to cherish. Thus, Joutsen Finland Oy is a true family company, and family members from one generation to the next have been involved in its operations.

Today, Joutsen Finland Oy is a dynamic family business that has managed to retain its values over the decades. The aim of the company is to produce the world’s best down products. The advantages of the world’s northernmost down product manufacturer are its knowledge of cold climate conditions and its location in the vicinity of the best raw materials. Finnish nature provides the uniquely pure and soft water that is of utmost importance in the production of pure down products. Joutsen Finland’s production factories are located in Riihimäki, Finland, and in Märjamaa, Estonia. The marketing company OOO Joutsen operates in Russia, in St. Petersburg. The company actively works with and influences the international organisations in the field.