Uncompromised quality and purity

Joutsen® Northern Light Down qualities are among the world’s finest kinds of down. The raw material comes from carefully selected partner farms around Europe, where the down of the waterfowl grows in natural conditions. Down was created by nature and purified by us. Its purity is a result of our very own Joutsen Down System™ process.

This unique system brings together the best raw materials, new technology and craftsmanship that has been accumulated over decades. The down and feathers are washed in soft water filtered by gravel ridges that were formed during the Ice Age – water exclusively available in Finland. The manufacturing process is free of any added allergens. To ensure that each and every Joutsen® product is completely clean and free of dust, the Joutsen Down System™ process includes two dust removals as well as washing and a finishing treatment at 125 °C heat.