Recognised for purity

In 2005, Joutsen Finland Oy became the first down duvet and pillow manufacturer to be granted the ‘allergy label’. This label, awarded by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, serves as proof that a product is pure and suitable for people with allergies. The Allergy and Asthma Federation has examined the purity of Joutsen down products and stated the following:

‘The products are filled with a researched, refined, non-sensitising, and breathable down/feather filling. The products do not contain formaldehyde. The down and feathers do not sensitise, and they do not sustain dust mites.’

Quality assurance is performed in Joutsen Finland’s feather refinery. With the unique Joutsen Down System refining process, the filling becomes completely pure and non-allergenic. All dust, scurf, fat, and proteins originating from animals that can generally cause allergies are removed from the raw material. For more information, visit