Wonderful night, better life

We have combined in our duvets 100% dust-free pureness and the gentle touch of our own Northern Light Down – the world’s purest down qualities. The allergy label awarded by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation ensures that the products are suitable for everybody. Our down and feathers are acquired from the best European partner farms, and from this raw material, we carefully select the world’s best grades for each mixture ratio. From our collection, you can find a duvet that conforms to your body perfectly every night.

The high quality down duvets of the Skandinavia collection are luxuriously light, breathable, and durable. The thermal ratings for duvets are cool, medium-warm, warm, and extra-warm.

The duvets are filled with down and feathers in mixture ratios of 90/10 and 60/40 (down/small feather). According to the European standard (EN12934) specification, a down duvet must contain at least 60% full down. The fabrics used in the collection are cambric-down cotton fabrics.

The Unessa down duvets are designed for those who wish to sleep in cooler conditions. They utilise the natural evaporation process and ensure ideal sleeping conditions, especially for sleepers who generate a great deal of heat. The patented ClimaBalance® structure generates an active ventilation system for the duvet, and this transfers moisture and the heat generated by the human body more than two times faster than traditional down solutions. We produce ultra light models of the Unessa quilts and also luxuriously voluminous duvets, in which the fluffiness of down is combined with a pleasant circulation of air. The filling is produced of 90/10 down.

Down duvets of the Royal collection are produced by using the world’s best down qualities and fabrics. The filling of the pillows is 100% down that meets the specifications stated in the European standard (EN12934). The fabric alternatives include the finest cotton batiste fabrics, as well as silk or blends of silk and cotton.