A gift from the Northern Nature

 Joutsen Finland Oy is a company born out of decades and generations of skill, craftsmanship and passion for quality. We are the world’s northernmost down product manufacturer and proud of what nature here has taught us.

We are deeply rooted in the circle of life, and we honour Northern way of living. Much like nature itself, we don’t compromise when it comes to skills and values.

The story of the family company started as early as in 1936, when Marius Pedersen came up with a business idea as he watched his wife, Saima, washing feathers in a sauna. What started out as a hobby, grew into a business and into a company that quickly employed the whole family. Even back then, Marius realised that expertise, quality, and excellent customer service would be the supporting pillars of the company.

Begun in 1936, the story of the family company continues – narrated by satisfied users of Joutsen products.